How do you find an Approved ALTCS care home or ALF**?

Finding a place vs. finding the right place is the real question that should be asked.

First step answer these questions:
                       Have you already apply ALTCS?  

If yes: This means you are what is referred to as “ALTCS            Pending”. Not all care homes and ALFs accept someone that is ALTCS Pending. Most of the nicer places require that you pay privately for 3 months to as much as 36 months. 

So when you are looking for a place this is 

** ALF – Assisted Living Facilities or Communities

Information Request

Please provide information on:

Due to Covid-19, protecting both you and our current residents of the Assisted Living Care Communities and Group Homes is our highest priority. Therefore an appointment for a tour is required. We will notify the home that you would like a tour, and one of our resource partners will contact you to arrange a time and answer your questions.

Thank You!
Arizona Care Alliance